Note to Self: It’s not #Bragging. It’s “#PersonalBranding.”

Standing out in a digital world means showcasing your strengths to get noticed. Here’s how to shout “Look at me!” while keeping it classy.

World Land Speed racer Craig Breedlove and I standing next to the Spirit of America.
  1. It’s not about you! — Don’t think in terms of how to list your many accomplishments, but how those accomplishments can help others achieve their goals. Thinking about what qualifications or personal attributes you offer that a company may find useful will help you find the right balance between bragging and branding.
  2. Be your real, authentic self — Show your personality. Being unique and creative is what will set you apart online. Just be you. Those quirks you think hold you back professionally, may be just the thing you need to stand out in the digital world.

I’m a storyteller who writes through a personal lens, yet welcomes the opportunity to see the world through another’s eyes. Thoughtful commentary welcomed.

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