• Andrew Everett

    Andrew Everett

    searching for the right words

  • Omayra Vélez

    Omayra Vélez

    Retired Army Officer, Educator, Biologist, Iraq Veteran, Author of two fantasy series and lover of books

  • Jack Luna

    Jack Luna

    Straight white American male with three eyes and a golden pen. Find me on Twitter @JackLunaWrites

  • Kassie


    Director of Social Media Communications at GOAT Social Media, UF Alum, FSU Alum, Theatre choreographer, and coffee obsessed. www.goatsocialmedia.com

  • Agnem


  • Wayne Roberts

    Wayne Roberts

    I speak & consult internationally on city-based food policy councils & skills needed by food organizers. See bio in Wikipedia.

  • Aenrisma


  • Linda Welker

    Linda Welker

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